Lower your blood pressure. Reap the rewards!

Simply put, the growing world of “mobile” demands that you be wherever your customers, clients, members and prospects expect you to be. Any time they need you. Anywhere they happen to be. And available on any mobile device they choose.

It means continually interacting with them to learn about their needs and wants, to save them time, money and effort. Whether they’re on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or wearing their Google glasses or one day engrossed in their smartwatch or other “wearable.” It means being anywhere but on the sidelines!

Just one catch: To fully take advantage of this opportunity, you must be (mobile) friendly

Which means your mobile website and mobile apps must grab attention and be easy to read and use on any mobile device. Text messaging promotions must deliver the information customers want and connect them to you with no hassles whatsoever. Even a convenient “local search” service must be kept up-to-date and “optimized” for easy navigation regardless of the device your customers choose to use at the moment.

All of this requires expert planning, detailed execution and follow-through, spearheaded by experienced professionals focused exclusively on mobile marketing. That’s where ActiveData can help.

The choices are yours…

We’ll show you how to reduce costs and implement effective, timely programs that lower your stress levels and put a smile on the the face of the people you’re trying to influence. We also offer you the choice to implement and manage your programs yourself, or we can implement and oversee these programs for you.

I invite you to learn more about us, about why I do what I do, and how easy it is to get started putting the power of mobile marketing to work with you.

Where in the world should you be right now? You’re already there!

Jim Montague


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