Through the power of mobile marketing done right from the start, ActiveData can help you increase revenue, generate new customers and build customer loyalty easier, faster and more affordably than you likely thought possible. Our deceptively sophisticated, “first line” marketing programs include:


From “maybe later” to “must have now”

A bevy of eye-opening stats support an obvious conclusion: “going mobile” with your website is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Especially if you want to grab new customers and keep the ones you have happy and away from your competition! Did you know, for example, that time spent by consumers on mobile devices now approaches 2.5 hours a day? And that according to Google, 94% of smartphone users use their phone to search for location information?* No wonder more and more businesses and organizations are now designing their mobile website before their main site.

But to stay out front, you’ve got to be optimized for success

That means your mobile site must mesh perfectly and attractively with the unique screen size and operating system demands of today’s powerful smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices—something your traditional main website alone can’t do. It also means enabling your site to work seamlessly with mobile apps and the other “most popular” mobile conveniences we offer.

The ActiveData difference: we’re Big Picture marketers

Our programs are designed first to support your business objectives. From there we blend our marketing expertise with our technical know-how to deliver a value-driven experience your customers will return to time and again—an experience you won’t have to worry about. Just ask those we’re working with now in nearly two dozen industries across the nation.

As we point out here, 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience; 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. 

Don’t go there. Go here instead and optimize for success right now!


The revolution that can’t be ignored…

Your customers now spend hours on their smartphone and other mobile devices, every day. Most of that time they’re using downloaded mobile apps to make appointments, get the news, search for addresses, stay in touch with friends, play games, buy the things they need and want online, and much more.

All of which means your customers are likely ready to welcome and subscribe to an attractive, time saving and value-packed mobile app from you, too. In fact, it might already be an expectation you can’t afford to ignore, especially if the competition decides to steal your customers with a mobile app of their own!

You can use a branded mobile app for direct messaging news, invitations and offers to enrolled customers (push notifications), even within a narrowly defined geographical area (GeoFencing). Or use them to build a customer loyalty program. Offer reward incentives for visiting your location. Highlight the products and services you offer. And much more. So many opportunities to connect with your customers and boost revenue—very likely at a cost/benefit ratio better than any other marketing tool you’re using now.

Imagine this, too: a branded mobile app from ActiveData can be embedded with a seamless link to your mobile website. That means a better, more satisfying, “close the loop” Web experience for your customers. Proof you’re serious about making it easier and more productive for them to do business with you (and not the other guy).

More good news: With ActiveData’s expert guidance and support, you can join the game-changing mobile app revolution faster, more affordably and with greater flexibility than you likely thought possible. First step: let’s discuss your situation and goals. If a branded mobile app—or any of our “first line” mobile marketing programs—make sense for you, we’ll show you how to do it right from the start, as we’re doing for so many others right now.


Just imagine…

On your marketing “wish list” you envision a communications tool that is as mobile as your customers’ smartphone. That gets read almost immediately, with 90-95% of the recipients responding within four minutes. You want it to be environmentally friendly and deliver an ROI better than virtually any other marketing strategy. You also want it to be fun, fast and easy for your customers, and effective in supporting your brand and building your business. Are you asking the impossible?

Well! You’ve just imagined text messaging in the here and now!

Did you know that there are approximately 280 million mobile phone subscribers in the U.S., virtually all of whom carry a phone capable of receiving and sending texts?

That 138 million Americans have sent a text message within the past three months? (Were you one of them? How about your customers and prospects?)

That 48% of users have their phones on all the time? And remember, to receive your text message, they don’t need to be connected to the Internet!

Why the extraordinary “reception” for text messaging? Because your audience opts-in!

That means they’ve accepted your invitation to receive great money-saving offers, to participate in surveys and contests, to learn about exciting new events in their community, and so much more. In fact, 82% of wireless phone users have paid for text messaging (SMS) service capability on their phone. And, because they can opt-out at any time, they trust you even more.

Text messaging is the only “real time” channel for driving traffic to your location—and fast. “Get connected, be rewarded,” we like to say. It can help increase frequency of visits and average purchases, build a real-time database and gain cash flow immediacy. So much promise—but it can turn to pitfalls if you don’t manage your text messaging promotions right, from the start. That’s why so many businesses and organizations have turned to ActiveData to create and implement a results-driven, cost-effective text messaging program that practically runs itself.

Let’s discuss how we can put one together for you, too.


Tired of chasing the search engine sun? Then you better optimize your N.A.P.

Consider: in the U.S. alone, an incredible 3 billion local online searches are performed every month as more and more people turn to the convenience of their mobile devices to seek out location information for businesses and organizations—including yours.

Now also consider that 82% of those searchers follow up with a phone call or walk-in. That 78% of mobile users make a purchase as a result of an online search. And that 62% of consumers say that they consider local search results to be more relevant than other options.

In other words, if your enterprise has a Name, Address and Phone number, the implications are obvious: the vast population of potential customers must be able to find you online and to know that your information is accurate. It’s a tall task, since third parties often use your basic information in a way that meets their needs, but might not be up-to-date or arranged the way you want. Which could leave your competitor—not you—basking in the sunlight.

Build your profile one time. Update it any time. Reap the rewards all the time.

ActiveData’s local search service can help manage your online identity for you and relieve you of your “identity” concerns. Simply create your initial basic profile, a one-time event. Add and update other data any time you want, including enhancing your listing with descriptive key words, links, logos and more to help your listing’s identity stand out. After you give us final sign-off, you can sit back and watch the magic happen as your critical business information is immediately provided to the nation’s largest network of local search platforms, mobile applications, GPS navigation solutions, Internet Yellow Pages and other services.

Users will be able to find you whether they search for you by category, brand, product, service or other query. That’s important because 80% of consumers start their search for a local product or service without any specific business brand in mind.

We’re talking about finding you not just on just Google and Yahoo!, but also Facebook, Apple Maps, Siri, AOL sites, Bing/Microsoft,, Twitter, MapQuest and many more. Plus, your listing is continually monitored to make sure that it is accurate and consistent everywhere it appears, all the time. Now that’s search engine optimization!

To find your place in the search engine sun, just get in touch here.


DIRECTORIES that go mobile, social and local to help you build your reputation and business!

“We were out and about and suddenly had a craving for tacos. Thanks to our mobile directory, we found a great place just five minutes away!”

A special message for publishers, chambers of commerce, private clubs, trade associations, business organizations—any enterprise with a membership worth promoting to: 

Imagine how much your constituents would appreciate the ability to connect online to a single source for great local places to shop, dine, go out on the town, take care of their health and beauty needs, and much more—with many offering discounts, special coupons and other valuable ways to save time and money. It would be like carry the Yellow Pages in their pocket or purse, but WAY more valuable and convenient.

Well, imagine no more. If you’d like to build a reputation- and revenue-enhancing mobile directory of your own—branded with your name and brimming with listings you’ve developed—ActiveData’s new mobile directory service is just the ticket.  It’s hyper-mobile because that’s how we stay connected today; hyper-social because we all love to share good news with family and friends; and hyper-local because we prefer what’s close and worth supporting here in our own backyard.

And because your mobile directory will carry your name on it, with listings you’ve developed, your business or organization will get all the credit for making it easier than ever for customers and members to connect to great experiences, fun times and valuable savings right where they live and work. And right from the convenience of their favorite mobile device.

This is important, too: not only will you get all the credit for making their search so easy, our mobile directory software will make it easy for you to use your existing database to build your directory exactly the way you want it and to update it whenever you choose. And, of course, we’ll be there to offer our guidance and expertise whenever you need us. 

Can you say “viral?”

News of your branded directory will take off as soon as you announce it on your own website and via your own social media platforms. Not to mention when users and participating businesses and members use their websites and social media platforms to announce this exciting new service to their family and friends. No telling how many will be out there spreading the word!

If this sounds like a mobile marketing advantage you’d like to explore, contact us. We’ll get things started off right, from the start.


Need other help with your marketing?

We’re mobile marketing specialists, but we also bring to the table years of direct marketing and other communications expertise. Chances are, we can be of help to you in a number of areas, or suggest the right resource for your particular needs:

  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • SEO/SEM/Inbound Marketing
  • Brand story development
  • Main website creation
  • Social media planning
  • Video production

Let’s talk about it!

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