If you want to be liked by your customers, do it right, from the start.

That applies to any business endeavor, doesn’t it? It certainly describes the approach we take at ActiveData. Find out how we can help you right from the start to increase the rewards and reduce the hassles of a world gone exuberantly and irretrievably mobile…


It’s a world changing so fast that at times it can seem downright intimidating—especially to someone already spread thin trying to manage and grow their business or organization. Sound familiar?

For example: beyond optimizing your communications for a variety of mobile platforms, what realistic goals should establish? What mobile marketing strategies should you employ? What form should these communications take? How can you be certain you’re using the newest technologies and strategies? How can these programs support your brand and social media efforts? And how can you learn from the data feedback you receive to continually improve the ROI on your mobile marketing investment?

More than answers. Proven solutions.

We can answer your questions—and lower your blood pressure—with the same kind of customized, revenue-producing solutions that are generating new customers and building customer loyalty right now for businesses and organizations across the nation in more than a dozen industries.

Check out what we do and what makes us unique. Then contact us today, We’ll show you how we can get your mobile marketing programs up and running faster, easier and more affordably than you might think possible. Remember, do it right from the start, and the possibilities are infinite.


Every member of the ActiveData team is dedicated to helping our clients succeed through the power of mobile marketing done right, from the start. What makes us unique is how we deliver on that promise, project after project…

1. No off-the-shelf solutions. You’ll find ActiveData’s fingerprints all over everything we do for and request of our clients. All of it designed first and foremost to protect the consumer and to protect your brand.

2. Your business objectives come first. Our strategies and programs are created to mesh with your business goals, not just your marketing objectives. We believe everything works better when you start with the Big Picture.

3. You get more than mobile device expertise. We’re also marketing experts. After all, it isn’t just the technology that matters; it’s knowing what to do with it—up front and at the back end.

3. You’ll lack for nothing. Our approach and abilities encompass brand support, strategy, mobile -friendly (optimized) design, data analysis, personal follow-through and continual learning—all of which leads you to happier, more loyal customers and new revenue for your bottom line.

4. You make the call: ActiveData clients can implement and manage their customized programs on their own (DIY)with our at-the-ready backup; or we can create and manage their programs for them (DIF). Whichever plan works best for their situation and budget.

If this is the kind of all-encompassing, dedicated, team approach you’re looking for, it’s easy to get started…right here.


Infinite possibilities, all over the map…

We’ve been at this mobile marketing thing long enough now that we’ve developed an expertise in certain core industries. And yet, virtually every day   we start a new mobile marketing relationship with a client in a different field of endeavor. Not only is that exciting for us, but it also means you can be confident we’ll know how to make mobile marketing work for you, too. Today, we’re honored to serve great clients across the nation in two dozen distinct categories—and counting:

  • Automotive
  • Advertising agencies
  • Civic associations
  • Country clubs
  • Dry cleaning
  • Dental
  • Events
  • Gyms and X-Fit
  • Homeowner assoc.
  • Legal: attorneys and lawyers
  • Plumbing
  • Publishing
  • Non-profits
  • Real estate
  • Residential building
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Roofing
  • Salons and spas
  • Transportation
  • Weight Loss
  • And Many Others

If you’re ready to make the power of mobile marketing a reality for your business or organization, we’re ready to help with the real world experience and priority marketing solutions you’ll need and want.The possibilities to build revenue, enhance loyalty, expand your social reach, strengthen engagement and support your brand are infinite and, literally, all over the map. But only if you know how to do mobile marketing right, from the start.Where does that start? Right here!

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