ActiveData exists to help businesses and organizations of all sizes succeed in a world hooked on mobile. We got started just as mobile marketing was taking off, and look at it now! It’s a team effort here, where every day we resolve to exceed expectations and to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives. (If we sound like the kind of company you’d like to work for, check us out here.)


A valuable lesson learned, at a very early age...

Thank you for your interest in ActiveData – and why I do what I do.

My story begins in Southern California. That’s where I grew up under the influence of sun, sand, surf and a family of hard-working, fun-loving entrepreneurs.

Both my grandfather and father headed up highly successful companies they founded. As time and again I observed them exceeding their clients’ expectations, the lesson was clear: good things happen when you consistently “do it right, from the start.”

After graduating college in San Diego, I handled major direct marketing programs for CIGNA Healthcare, Hertz, Hilton, United Airlines, Lexus and other “big brands.” That experience showed me how turning passive (essentially useless) data into active (highly potent) data led to breakthrough insights, innovation and an even better return on investment. I figured that knowledge could be of great value to the small business owner whose unique challenges I’d understood since childhood. The result: In 1996, I formed a direct marketing agency called ActiveData.

Business opportunities eventually took me clear across the country to Naples, Florida, where my family and my business now call home. What traveled with me were the Montague patriarch principles that guide me to this day: opportunities are meant to be seized, values are meant to be honored and you won’t get anywhere until you try.

And then came that one fateful evening a few years later when my wife and I decided to dine out at a restaurant not a mile from our home. There I spotted a VIP text message promotion on a tabletop tent card—and saw an exciting new future. A future in mobile marketing, just when it was taking off.

To add the power of an active mobile marketing program to your future, contact me today. Or check here to learn how we’re able to quickly and affordably “take you mobile.” I hope to hear from you soon. Remember, good things happen when you do it right, from the start!



Q. What do you make of these amazing numbers?

A. Infinite opportunity!

If you’re unsure about what’s happening in the world of mobile, check out these amazing facts, figures and observations highlighted In Google’s, The Mobile Playbook: The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile, second edition. You’ll understand why we’re so excited to be a part of this amazing industry:

• As smartphone adoption expands and more economically-priced tablets hit the market, millions of consumers are now using their devices to interact with businesses 24/7, from anywhere.

• In fact, more people than ever are living their lives on multiple screens (smartphones, tablets and computers)

• In the area of search alone, some 68% of mobile searches are estimated to occur at home (where there are other larger screen devices readily available!)

94% of smartphone owners use their phone to search for location information

51% then visited a store

48% called a store

3 of 10 mobile searches result in valuable business outcomes (visiting a store, purchasing an item from a mobile website or calling a business)

• As for mobile apps, the average consumer spends 127 minutes per day in mobile apps alone

• No wonder 70% of top retailers now offer mobile apps

• It’s also critical that you offer a mobile-friendly website! 40% of those surveyed have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience

57% of users say they won’t even recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

Clearly, the people you want to reach and influence are hooked on mobile. More importantly, they expect and demand a mobile-friendly experience!

To deliver on their expectations quickly, easily and affordably right from the start…start here!


When experience and talent unite under a common goal

…the possibilities for great things to happen are infinite.

The goal, of course, is our clients’ success. For us, it all starts there, the focus of our experience and talents.

That’s why individually and as a team we stay continually proactive and buttoned-up, taking nothing for granted. Regardless of a client’s size or budget.

That’s also why we begin every day resolved to exceed client expectations and to make a positive difference in their lives. It’s all part of doing it right, from the start. Which also means being available any time a client needs us for help, guidance and support.

Innovation through continuous learning…flexibility and collaboration…and an emphasis on results over promises are three of our core guiding values. But as important as any is “balance.”

Our ability to work hard and to be productive, to see things differently and apply insights creatively to our clients’ benefit, stems from an appreciation of all that life offers—and taking the time to enjoy it.

If that’s the kind of resource you’d like to work with on your mobile marketing programs, we’d be honored to have you join our client roster. To get started, start here.

If you think we’re the kind of company you’d like to work for, tell us why and send us your résumé. We appreciate and value your interest in joining our team.

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